Why is it so hard to get a date in 2024

  • By Paul Numan
  • Posted 2 February 2024

Why is it so hard to get a date in 2024

Navigating the dating landscape in modern Ireland poses a considerable challenge for many, particularly those who find themselves single, over 35, and of average appearance. Despite efforts through dating apps, social gatherings, and various social engagements, securing a date remains an elusive task.

Industry insights suggest that the underlying cause lies in the shifting expectations of women, largely influenced by the portrayal of strong, successful, and independent female figures in the media over the past two decades. This phenomenon has, in turn, left a profound impact on the average man, often leading to feelings of emasculation and a reluctance to engage in the dating sphere due to repeated rejection and a perceived lack of reciprocal interest.

On one hand, the rise of empowered and independent women is celebrated as a positive societal shift. However, on the flip side, these individuals often find themselves navigating a dating landscape dominated by highly confident men, who, according to research, garner the attention of around 90% of women. This confident minority, constituting just 15% of the market, seemingly holds the reins of choice, leaving many women feeling disillusioned with the dating scene and lamenting the perception that "all men want is sex," a sentiment that fails to capture the nuances of the industry at large.

A significant issue at play is the undue emphasis placed on physical appearance as the primary determinant of desirability, coupled with the expectation of unwavering confidence as the sole catalyst for attraction among the majority of women. For men who may not fit the conventional standards of attractiveness or lack confidence, the uphill battle to secure a date can feel insurmountable, leading many to withdraw from the pursuit altogether, citing concerns over self-esteem and emotional well-being.

In the dynamic landscape of Irish dating, a pronounced trend emerges, spotlighting a vibrant demographic of single women aged 35 to 65 eagerly seeking companionship. However, their quest is met with a striking challenge: an evident scarcity of eligible male counterparts, with women outnumbering men by a significant ratio of at least 3 to 1.  Recognizing this imbalance, Paul Numan, CEO of Katch, asserts the necessity for intervention in the dating market for individuals over 30. Numan advocates for a transformative approach, likening it to the organic interactions of children in kindergarten, where connections are forged based on personality rather than superficial attributes. By fostering genuine connections rooted in shared vibes, Numan posits that the focus on appearances and confidence would dissolve, paving the way for singles to feel truly connected on a deeper level.


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