About Katch

We started Katch in 2022 because online dating was becoming a race to find the best photograph to swipe right on, which we all know is unrealistic. With over 60% of dating app users being men and with women only swiping right 3% of the time, paints just part of the overall problem with dating today.

Our goal was to radically change the way singles interacted with others. The aim was to simulate the old school way of dating, where you could engage with others face to face, where people would get a chance to get to know your true personality before swiping - thus simulating the real world.

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Real dating connections happen 200 times faster on Katch than any other dating service.

Unlike other dating services, we fully manage our dating platform - verifying all members, managing daily activities, improving matchmaking, events and parties - all to ensure that our members get the most out of their time on Katch.

There is no doubt our approach to dating is advanced and for some it may feel way out there - in terms that everything is video based and in person.

We see it as the same transition from phone calls to video calls, it takes time but once you try a video call you know it's way better. From here our goal is to provide the most advanced multimedia profiling service that gives our members the quickest way to meet the person that matches them perfectly.

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