Things all men want women to know

  • By Paul Numan
  • Posted 30 June 2023


This gives women a clear and concise view of what men want them to know “before” dating them.

1. Avoid comparing us to your exes; it creates unnecessary labels.
2. Some men may prefer casual encounters, but be clear about expectations.
3. Wait until after the third date for intimacy if you seek a potential future.
4. Men don't require constant communication, so don't expect immediate responses.
5. We enjoy the thrill of the chase and value a little challenge.
6. Avoid being overly demanding or issuing orders; we prefer mutual respect.
7. Don't hesitate to approach us or initiate contact; we don't bite.
8. Respect our female friends as we respect your male friends.
9. Drama is something we all want to avoid, so keep it to a minimum.
10. Don't expect us to foot the bill every time; we appreciate equality.
11. Use recent and genuine photos for online dating; avoid creating fake profiles.
12. After intimacy, men often prefer a quick rest rather than cuddling and chatting.
13. Not all men are bad; find the right guy who will treat you well.
14. Men may ghost when no longer interested; it's not personal, just move on.
15. Avoid becoming a psycho stalker; let go instead of resorting to destructive behavior.
16. Be genuine and independent; we appreciate realness and self-sufficiency.
17. Emotional intelligence is valued; avoid manipulative games and be open.
18. Seek advice from trusted male friends, and communicate openly with your partner.
19. Use makeup to enhance your beauty naturally; avoid excessive use.
20. Men prefer low-maintenance partners over high-maintenance ones.
21. Respect each other's individuality and spend time apart occasionally.
22. Give direct answers; don't respond with "I dunno" or leave us guessing.
23. Be yourself, order what you truly want, and enjoy your meal with us.
24. Compliments are appreciated; let us know when we look good or smell nice.
25. Focus on a few deal breakers instead of an extensive list of must-haves.

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