The power of mingling is about to unleash revenue generating opportunities for video content creators

  • By Paul Numan
  • Posted 28 September 2022


The way we perceive entertainment has changed a lot in the last few years and social media has had a massive impact on that. Content creators have become a big part of our daily life and the ones we rely on when we are looking for a distraction or need cheering up. Without even realizing content creators provide content for free - they do this in the hope that someday a company will pay them in some way.  In reality very few content creators reach the point where a company feels their content or followers are clear enough to convert into sales, so many continue on the free path.

This is all about to change, as just like in a pub where a band will play - most people attend to enjoy the live gig and then interact with people during and after the event for social reasons.  This mingling opportunity does not exist currently in “go live” video sessions and is most likely the missing link to many virtual events online today - people have a psychological and physiological need to be social and interact with others.

In Oct 2022 the Katch team launched a host of tools that enable content creators to launch their own chargeable events which they can promote to their social media following.  These paid events enable content creators to go live to their fan base and at the same time enable attendees to mingle with one another during and after each event - providing a fun and social encounter. 

If you are an up and coming content creator and wish to monetize your content and following then why not contact us directly.

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