The higher the entry level standards for singles are, the better dating experience will be for all

  • By Paul Numan
  • Posted 24 August 2022

The higher the entry level standards for singles are, the better dating experience will be for all

Over the past few years so many new terms have grown around the flaws of online dating. Catfishing, kitten fishing, ghosting - all of these are the products of the fact that there is little to no real verification as to who is actually signing up or using dating services. Online dating should have solved all the flaws of face to face dating and improved ways to meet people you click with but instead it seems to be all about driving as many singles as possible to a poor service and squeezing as much money from them while they stagger through the awful experience. 

“Looking and wanting to find love is a nervous process for anyone. It's vital that those who really want something special are surrounded by like minded people in a fun relaxed atmosphere.” states Paul Numan, CEO @ “To achieve such an environment the entry standards levels must be clear, high and monitored. By doing so everyone and everything is super transparent, which makes the experience enjoyable for all” he continues. 

On many dating services user safety is always an issue as it's never clear if users are actually communicating with the person in the photo or if the person in the photo is 20 years older - so most singles feel there is a risk by putting yourself out there. On all new single members are required to record a live video of themselves saying a predefined sentence, which the dating algorithm then verifies as authentic or not. Once authenticated, the Katch AI then analyzes the user’s personality from their details and video to communicate the next requirement before progressing with their application. Once the applicant’s profile reaches a required standard, it is then reviewed by the Katch team and either verified or commented on if there have to be done any changes to it. Katch is unique in the way it processes new users and this is most probably the way all dating services will process applicants going forward as it eliminates the majority of negative activity and empowers users to enjoy the dating experience. 

Katch is also the only dating service to remove users if they are not active with a 21 day limit, meaning only those who are actively looking are on the service - as with many other services users could be chatting with someone who has not used the service in years. Katch is a down to earth dating app that is not focused on the shareholder value but on providing a service which all singles find enjoyable and worthy.


Paul Numan is a leading dating expert on mingling and finding the perfect partner among the crowd.  He is CEO at Katch and has over 20 years experience in information technology and business relations.  He is an avid party DJ and a former kickboxing champion in Ireland.

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