Spring Awakens Singles: A Season of Romance

  • By Paul Numan
  • Posted 15 March 2024

Spring Awakens Singles: A Season of Romance

With the scent of St. Patrick's Day lingering in the air and the promise of warmer days ahead, a palpable shift is occurring among the Irish single population. As the seasons change, internal clocks seem to kick into overdrive, stirring a surge of activity among those unattached. While humans don't have defined mating seasons, the evidence is clear: spring ignites a newfound energy among singles, driven largely by shifts in weather and daylight.

Research indicates a direct correlation between external stimuli and romantic desires. As the weather improves and daylight stretches longer, couples flock outdoors, setting the stage for a collective yearning among singles for companionship.

"We are all creatures of desire - we want what others have.  At Katch, we witness a remarkable uptick in activity on our dating platform every spring compared to winter, often reaching up to a 200% increase," reveals Paul Numan, CEO of Katch.ie.


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