Revolutionizing Privacy and Consent at Speed Dating Events

  • By Paul Numan
  • Posted 14 September 2023

Revolutionizing Privacy and Consent at Speed Dating Events

The world of speed dating is no stranger to awkward encounters and an air thick with anxiety. No one envisions speed dating as the ultimate destination in their quest for love. Yet, here we are in 2023, where amidst a plethora of dating sites, apps, consultants, and matchmakers, speed dating events are experiencing an unexpected resurgence. It seems people are flocking to these events because they believe traditional methods just don't cut it anymore, at least not for the majority. 

With the global rise in popularity of speed dating events, one critical concern has emerged—privacy and personal security. Desperation to meet a compatible match has driven individuals to the point where they seemingly don't care who gets their data. Enter Katch, an innovative dating events company hailing from Wexford, Ireland, dedicated to addressing this issue head-on. 

Katch has introduced ingenious methods to facilitate the sharing of personal information among speed dating event attendees in a secure and sensible manner. "All attendees undergo thorough video vetting before and during events, and those who share mutual interest can seamlessly exchange in-app details via QR codes. This transition from the physical to the online realm is not only more secure but is also founded on 100% mutual consent," emphasizes Paul Numan, CEO at Katch. 

In a world where the quest for love meets the need for privacy, Katch is bridging the gap, ensuring that speed dating is not only a chance to meet potential partners but also a haven for personal security and respect for boundaries. Their next event is in Central Dublin on September 30th and more information about it can be found here -

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