New Dating Profile Widget helps Singles Match

  • By Paul Numan
  • Posted 7 September 2023

New Dating Profile Widget helps Singles Match

Wexford, Ireland -, a dynamic dating events app startup based in Wexford, has unveiled a cutting-edge dating profile widget designed to transform the way Irish singles connect and find meaningful relationships. This innovative tool allows individuals to create unique personality banners, offering a glimpse into their true selves and their ideal matches. 

For many disillusioned singles who have grown frustrated with conventional dating apps, this widget fills a void that has driven them to explore alternative social media platforms in their quest for genuine connections. 

Paul Numan, the visionary CEO of Katch, emphasizes the widget's game-changing potential. "Many Irish singles are finding themselves stuck in a dating app rut, feeling like they're getting nowhere," says Numan. "Our simple dating widget empowers singles to engage with potential partners on a deeper level, moving beyond superficial judgments based solely on appearances. We incorporate elements like star signs, Myers-Briggs personality types, and other features to craft a comprehensive personality profile, and the results speak for themselves." 

Irish singles have been quick to embrace this innovative approach to dating, with a surge in usage that highlights the pressing need for change within the current dating landscape. Recent data from the Irish census underscores the scale of the issue, revealing that a staggering one million people in Ireland are currently single and exploring dating apps.'s new dating profile widget has emerged as a beacon of hope for those weary of the swipe-right culture, offering a refreshing and insightful way to connect with potential partners. By focusing on compatibility and personality traits, this ingenious widget aims to create more meaningful matches and pave the way for fulfilling relationships. 

The widget's popularity is on the rise, and its potential to reshape the future of dating in Ireland is undeniable. As Irish singles embrace this revolutionary tool, it signals a shift away from the superficial towards a more meaningful and fulfilling approach to finding love. 

For those seeking genuine connections and a departure from the status quo,'s dating profile widget promises a brighter, more authentic future in the world of online dating.

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