Meet 8 single people in 20 mins

  • By Paul Numan
  • Posted 1 July 2024

Meet 8 single people in 20 mins

Dating is a numbers game and all about presenting yourself to as many singles as possible.  Well our dating events offer the fastest way to meet an abundance of singletons that match your vibe, with the greatest chance of you finding someone you like

Once the event begin the host calms the jitters and provides light entertainment before introducing you to a number of singles via private one to one video encounters.  Each video interaction is 2 mins in duration with the possibility to extend if you both desire.  If you feel any heat simply exit out or report the user - all events are managed and equipped with safety systems.

After every event attendees are provided with a report of who attended and which people you interacted with.  If members reciprocated you can then initiate a video call to continue your interaction in a safe and comfortable way.

Katch events are the best alternative to swiping and a fantastic way for others to get to know the real you.

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