Maximize your chances of Finding a Girlfriend in 8 weeks

  • By Paul Numan
  • Posted 22 February 2023

Maximize your chances of Finding a Girlfriend in 8 weeks

Are you at the age in your life where you are tired of playing around and would like to share your life with someone special?  No matter your personal situation, this Katch 8 week course can really help you achieve a girlfriend.

The course costs €150 ex VAT and is broken down in weekly segments that helps you improve your appearance, your interpersonal skills, your confidence, your dating etiquette and lastly constant testing your new found skills at out weekly events with women.  The course will require around 30 mins to an hour of your time each day for the 8 weeks.

The Katch support team together with our dating consultant will guide you all the way to helping you achieve the goal of finding a girlfriend.

To sign up for our “Katch Guidance Course” simply contact us with your full details and we will get back to you within 24 hours on how to begin.

Why would the Katch Guidance Course work for you? 

  1. Katch events are always oversubscribed by women so there is a massive demand for guys like you. (proximity and timing)
  2. Katch understands the types and personalities of women attendees so we know exactly what makes them feel comfortable.
  3. Katch will train you in the art of small talk so you are proficient in chatting to women.
  4. Katch will teach you how to progress from initial small talk to asking a woman on a date.
  5. Katch will analyse your weekly results and help you to improve until you find the one.

If our CEO, Paul Numan can find love on Katch then so can you -

Change your life by giving the Katch Guidance Course a try for 8 weeks >>  


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“I was super nervous at first but the team at Katch made it step by step easy.  No doubt its alot of work but after chatting with many women on Katch events I  feel alot more confident out and about”
Joe from Kildare

“Recommend this, it's something all single men should do.  It changes everything”

Pascal from Waterford


“I decided to buy this course not expecting any miracles but the Katch team has literally forced me to interact with new women during events and I couldn’t be more grateful for this. Now, chatting with women is a normal thing for me and I do it as often as possible: during shopping, in the park and even at cafes.”

Patrick from Cork

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