Matchmaking Valentine's Singles Special

  • By Paul Numan
  • Posted 13 February 2023

Matchmaking Valentine's Singles Special

Valentine’s Day is not really a day for singletons, it's a day for sharing your love and affection for someone special in your life. That's not to say that this special day doesn’t conjure up strong feelings among singles to search for it. Based on this desire to find love among Irish singles; a company from county Wexford called have set up a meetup event service to help. The Katch team neatly named their Valentines virtual event the “Matchmaking Valentine's Singles Special” for singles around 30.

Katch is unlike anything single people have experienced before, in that it focuses on bringing like-minded people together face to face in time focused events. Gone are the days of swiping and messaging to where Katch introduces you to loads of people in fun conversations over live video - “it's like having a wingman on steroids” states Paul Numan, CEO at Katch.

Finding love is about getting the real you out there to enough people in a safe, fun environment, and that's exactly what Katch does. For more information on the Valentine's Day event on Katch visit

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