Many singles are not good enough for dating apps

  • By Paul Numan
  • Posted 12 August 2022

Many singles are not good enough for dating apps

Over the past few summer months there have been many media stories about the negative impacts dating apps are having on the lives of singletons, but from within the industry many dating companies know all too well that one of the main problem is that the majority of dating profiles are extremely poor - so poor in fact that it's unclear if many actually want to date at all or are just keen on entertaining themselves. 

According to Katch CEO, Paul Numan “Many if not all singles who use dating apps have no real plan as to what they want or any idea of what is required to achieve it. In Ireland, it's almost as if singles just wing it and go with the wind”. “If truth were told, the majority of singles on dating apps are either players, broken or a mishmash of inbetweeners - no matter what the media says, it’s our view that many are just not ready for dating at all” he continues.

According to research and industry census data, online dating usage is growing year on year as is the overall spend per user, but the end user satisfaction ratings are at an all time low. With Match Group axing their CEO of Tinder and the forecasts lower than normal, it's clear users are not happy with the current swiping style service and are seeking alternatives to finding love.

“Dating should almost be taught at home or at the very least in schools at transition level or even further all schools should be mixed with lessons on relationship building” states the Katch CEO. “When analyzing usage patterns inside Katch it's very clear to our team that many users need real step by step assistance in all aspects of dating and not just presenting user after user and leaving it at that - we know we have to hold hands with users and walk them through each step of the dating process” states Mr Numan.

“In essence people are best ready for dating when they are not looking to date and are at ease interacting with random people in a fun, exciting manner” said the Katch dating team.

Research shows that by 2024 over 75% of singletons will use dating apps in an effort to find love - so we need to remove the snazzy appeal of entertaining style dating apps and provide singles a better way to interact with people in a real way to establish long lasting relationships.


Paul Numan is a leading dating expert on mingling and finding the perfect partner among the crowd.  He is CEO at Katch and has over 20 years experience in information technology and business relations.  He is an avid party DJ and a former kickboxing champion in Ireland.

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