Katch provides clear revenue path for social media influencers

  • By Paul Numan
  • Posted 19 September 2022


While the majority of influencers focus on building their followers, getting likes and views - very few if any focus on building better engagement. Engagement is what helps an influencer connect with their viewer/follower to create a strong viewership bond but also helps the potential advertiser become convinced in paying for exposure.

At Katch we are very keen to work with influencers who have clear content categorization and generate strong engaging connections with their followers. Once inside the Katch network, we assist influencers in further embedding connections with their audience while at the same time generating pay per view/interaction revenue. Pay per view allows followers to engage with their influencer and also enables them to interact with other attendees in face to face mingling sessions - which provides a fun entertaining event that is worth paying for.

Katch offers up to 80% revenue payout to social influencers and also guarantees fixed minimum monthly payouts to key social media influencers. So in essence, Katch is most probably the only entertainment platform that guarantees monthly payments to influencers.

For influencers who are interested in converting their social media following into revenue, please use the contact us page to submit your details and we will be in contact within a few hours to set up a call.

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