Irish singles are ditching swiping for personalized blind dates

  • By Paul Numan
  • Posted 21 November 2023

Irish singles are ditching swiping for personalized blind dates 

With Christmas almost upon us and Valentines day around the corner, Irish singles have learned from past experiences that endless swiping won't magically secure a partner before the festive season. Recognizing the need for a proactive approach, they understand the importance of taking matters into their own hands to find love.


Katch, a dating events business based in Wexford, has introduced an innovative blind dating service that is changing the game. Rather than leaving singles to navigate the labyrinth of dating apps alone, Katch has devised a unique approach. Singles are invited to record a live video of themselves and complete a comprehensive compatibility and personality test, allowing Katch to take the reins from there. Within a short span of 2-3 weeks, Katch promises to connect participants with a designated time and location for their rendezvous, along with in-depth information about their potential match. To ensure commitment, both individuals are required to scan each other's phones at the meeting place to confirm their presence. If one party fails to appear without prior notice to Katch, access to the service will be denied in the future.


Paul Numan, CEO of Katch, emphatically endorses the service, saying, "If you're genuinely seeking a romantic connection, our Blind Dating service is arguably the best choice in Ireland. We match verified singles based on their location, age, personalities, interests, and numerous other characteristics, ensuring that when they meet, they'll share so much in common that the chances of a positive outcome are significantly heightened."


For Irish singles eager to embark on the perfect blind date experience, they can sign up today at


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