Irish Nurses as the Most Sought-After Single Women in Ireland

  • By Paul Numan
  • Posted 21 August 2023

Irish Nurses as the Most Sought-After Single Women in Ireland

A recent survey conducted by Katch, a leading dating app in Ireland, has unveiled an intriguing trend in the Irish dating scene. According to the survey results released today, Irish nurses have emerged as the most sought-after single women in the country. 

In a country renowned for its warmth, hospitality, and vibrant culture, it appears that one profession has particularly captured the hearts of Irish men: nursing. Katch surveyed over 500 male users of their dating app across different age groups and regions in Ireland, asking about their preferences and interests when seeking a potential partner. 

The results were overwhelming, with an astounding 72% of male respondents stating that they were actively seeking a romantic relationship with an Irish nurse. When asked about the reasons behind their preference, the men highlighted various factors that appeared to make nurses particularly attractive as potential partners. 

First and foremost, respondents lauded the compassionate nature of nurses and their dedication to caring for others. In the midst of a global pandemic, the importance of healthcare professionals has been magnified, and Irish nurses have been on the frontlines, showcasing unwavering commitment and selflessness. 

"I think it's incredibly appealing to know that someone I'm dating is so caring and empathetic," said Mark O'Connor, a 34-year-old software engineer from Cork. "The way they handle tough situations and still manage to show kindness is truly impressive." 

Furthermore, the survey also revealed that Irish nurses were seen as having strong communication and listening skills, essential qualities in any relationship. Many respondents expressed how the ability of nurses to actively listen to their patients and respond with genuine empathy made them stand out in the dating pool. 

"Having someone who can truly listen and understand your feelings is incredibly valuable," said Michael Brady, a 29-year-old teacher from Dublin. "Irish nurses seem to excel in this area, which is a huge attraction for me." 

While the survey highlighted the popularity of Irish nurses among single men, it is essential to acknowledge that everyone's preferences and interests vary. Other professions, such as teachers, social workers, and artists, were also mentioned as desirable partners in the survey. 

The recognition of Irish nurses as the most sought-after single women in Ireland not only speaks to the admirable qualities they possess but also highlights the significance of the healthcare profession in the hearts of the Irish people. 

Katch CEO, Paul Numan, commented on the survey findings, saying, "It's fascinating to see how certain professions capture the attention of our users. Irish nurses have certainly left a lasting impression on the dating community with their caring nature and dedication to their work." 

As Ireland continues to navigate the complexities of modern dating, this survey serves as a reminder that qualities like empathy, compassion, and strong communication resonate deeply with those seeking meaningful connections.

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