Ghosting - A Silent Rejection Rather Than Mere Neglect

  • By Paul Numan
  • Posted 24 August 2023

Ghosting - A Silent Rejection Rather Than Mere Neglect

In today's dating landscape, the term "ghosting" has become all too familiar. It entails the experience of being in the midst of a burgeoning relationship, only to suddenly find yourself faced with unanswered calls and messages. This bewildering situation leaves you in a state of emotional turmoil, grappling with uncertainty and the sting of being disregarded. While rationalization and advice from friends might attempt to soften the blow, the undeniable reality is that you are essentially being broken up with, albeit through the contemporary art of vanishing acts. 

The concept is straightforward: the person you were connecting with, who once showed promise, has chosen to make a quiet exit from your life. Their silence becomes a form of communication, albeit one that is often painful and confusing. Despite any initial confusion or hope for reconnection, the absence of a response for a prolonged period—generally around 48 hours—speaks volumes in itself. 

In response to the prevalent debate on the impact of ghosting, some individuals maintain that its significance is overblown. Paul Numan, founder of, a renowned Irish dating platform, shares his perspective on the matter. "The astonishment and hurt associated with being ghosted seem disproportionate to its reality," Numan states. He further adds, "Navigating the realm of dating demands resilience; it's a process that necessitates a tough skin in order to achieve one's desires." 

Indeed, the dating arena is acknowledged to be a challenging terrain, often marked by uncertainties and unexpected turns. Developing the emotional fortitude to encounter and manage these unforeseen situations becomes an integral part of the journey. While ghosting may be a contemporary phenomenon, the emotional response it triggers is undeniably age-old—feelings of rejection, confusion, and vulnerability. 

In conclusion, ghosting transcends its colloquial definition to embody a more profound concept: the act of choosing silence as a method of ending a connection. As society grapples with the emotional fallout of this modern phenomenon, it is crucial to recognize that while ghosting may be a response, it is one that necessitates emotional resilience and self-care. Ultimately, acknowledging its impact and focusing on personal growth can empower individuals to navigate the labyrinthine path of modern relationships with strength and self-assuredness.

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