GAA Stars are the Most Sought-After Single Men in Ireland

  • By Paul Numan
  • Posted 9 August 2023

GAA Stars are the Most Sought-After Single Men in Ireland

In the heart of our vibrant and sports-loving nation, a group of individuals shines brighter than most - the GAA stars. Among the array of athletes, these single GAA players stand out as some of the most revered and sought-after by women across the country.

With their rugged good looks, unwavering dedication to their sport, and the undeniable sense of camaraderie that comes with playing Gaelic games, GAA stars have earned their place as the heartthrobs of Ireland. As the autumn sun sets on the finale of the championships, these athletes find themselves not only battling it out on the field but also in the unpredictable game of love.

A recent survey conducted by popular dating app Katch has lifted the veil on this fascinating phenomenon, revealing that GAA players are the most coveted single men in the country. The survey, which drew hundreds of participants, displayed an overwhelming trend - a staggering 75% of women listed GAA players as their top choice for a potential partner. This undeniable fact serves as a glowing testament to the widespread appeal and admiration these sports icons command among the Irish population.

Katch Survey
We asked our female members of Katch to select a sports category where they see the sexiest men in Ireland; whom they would like to be with romantically.

GAA, Rugby, Soccer, Golf, Boxing/MMA, Athletics, Fitness Guru, Horse Racing, Sports Presenters, Sports Coaches

We gave women 10 options and asked them to choose just their top choice (always presented in random order to each lady). We received just over 500 replies to our survey - approx age range of 27 - 55 years.

Base survey results for the top 3 are - GAA 74.6%, Rugby 11.2%, Soccer 5.3%

But what is it that sets GAA players apart and makes them so enticing to potential partners? For many, it's not just their physical prowess on the field that captures hearts, but the values they embody. GAA athletes are often seen as epitomes of traditional Irish qualities such as determination, passion, and loyalty. Their unwavering commitment to their team and the game itself strikes a chord with those who prioritize such virtues in a partner.

Beyond individual charm, the sense of community and unbreakable bonds forged within GAA clubs further elevate the appeal of these players. Women find the idea of being part of a close-knit group of supporters and, in a way, becoming part of the GAA family incredibly alluring. 

Yet, amidst the adoration and adulation, there lie certain challenges that GAA stars must navigate. Balancing their demanding sporting commitments with personal lives can prove to be a formidable task. With hectic training schedules, constant travel for matches, and the spotlight of media appearances, finding time for dating can be a formidable hurdle. Nevertheless, these challenges only seem to fuel their popularity, leaving their admirers undeterred in their pursuit of affection. 

For the athletes themselves, the sudden surge in dating interest can be both exhilarating and overwhelming. Some have wholeheartedly embraced their status as eligible bachelors, enjoying the newfound attention that comes their way. On the other hand, some prefer to keep their personal lives private, opting to focus solely on honing their sporting prowess. 

The rise in popularity of GAA players in the dating scene has been duly noted by Katch, leading to a noticeable increase in profiles featuring these sports icons. Many of them proudly display their sporting achievements, leveraging their athletic prowess to attract potential matches. Pictures of these players in action on the field, showcasing their skills and undeniable athleticism, further bolster their charm.


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