Blind Dating Ireland

  • By Paul Numan
  • Posted 23 October 2023

Blind Dating Ireland

Like most singles, you just want to get out there and meet people you click with - how hard can it be?  Costly dating apps, matchmakers and dating consultants all talk the talk but most don’t deliver on the basic matching, let alone setting you up with dates with people you actually have things in common with.

Our Blind Dating is about setting you up with a date or as many dates as you would like.  We match you with singles based on personality type, physical appearance, location, age and then arrange a time / location nearby where you both will meet.  Its that simple.

How are we able to achieve this as I have not heard of Katch before?  Katch is Ireland's only dating app and regularly hosts dating events all over Ireland, from walk and mingle events to dating & painting parties.  We also have one of Ireland's largest Facebook groups for singles called Dating Events for Singles (all members checked).

When and where will dates take place?  All date locations are decided by Katch and are always at or near coffee shops (within 30km from you) with places where you both can sit or go for a walk.  We schedule all date and times based on both of your availability.

What is the cost?  The blind date service costs €30 per each arranged date.  If you would like us to set you up on a Blind Date then let's get started.

STEP 1:  Complete our dating compatibility test which reviews your personality

STEP 2:  We will then review your details and get back to you regarding date availability and payment details.

STEP 3:  Within approx 2 weeks we set you up with your blind date

STEP 4:  Its either success or you can try again and set up another blind date

Sound like something you would like to give a go?  Then let's get started with completing our dating compatibility test.

If you have any queries about our blind dating service in Ireland then contact us or call 051 347 200.



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