Are Irish Men quitting dating altogether?

  • By Paul Numan
  • Posted 1 July 2024

Are Irish Men quitting dating altogether?

Across the dating landscape it's very clear that men are quitting dating apps, all due to the natural evolution of women’s desire to date upwardly

The dating app swipe culture has been around for over 10 years now and in its early stages of adoption enabled singleton the ability to quickly connect and hook up with others for quick encounters and long term engagements.  As more and more users piled into these new dating platforms certain social physiological factors started to occur; where men who were once afraid of rejection got more courage to engage with women and women no matter the physical attributes started to gather an abundance of attention.  Fast forward to today's world of dating mania and we see the results where women feel they can continuously do better, good looking men can seek sex whenever they want, while the average man gets little to nothing.

A quote from a Facebook Group user - “It's so degrading putting up a picture and getting blanked I'm tired and no longer care” Johnny

So where did the wheels start to come off the dating cart? It's been a long time coming but it's most probably when the below average looking lady received 20 likes and messages a day on dating apps.  Unlike in the real world where they would receive little to nothing, these and many others (90% of women) upped their standards and went on the search for the most attractive men the apps (the top 10%).  These attractive men with all their attention sought out “sex” or whatever they desired from all the attention.  This then spun all women to believe that all men wanted was sex which was not 100% true.

The solution to this psychological dating mess is to bring interaction back into the realms of the real world IRL but at the same time being realistic to the evolving demands of the mobile user.  The main change required is for men and women to be realistic about what is achievable and also to take into account that a person's vibe is everything, as opposed to looks which is only a small part of what constitutes a relationship.

The way to achieve this is to adopt video into every aspect of the dating app philosophy, where looks become a small amount of the overall reason why you would want to connect with someone.  If you liked someone’s vibe and they reciprocated to start a conversation, then a prompt would ask you both to initiate a video call (take things further).   If you found no body of interest then you could ask the system for the best personality / vibe connection match and it would arrange a video date or IRL date at a specific place and time for you.  This system would ensure that people connect on vibe / energy which would increase the odds of those relationships initially working and lastly into something stronger.  

You might be asking is there a dating system out there that is planning or doing this new way of dating - well there is, its called and its based in Wexford.

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