Brazilian Singles Party in Ireland

Dublin @9.30pm

Thu 13
28 - 48
Male left
Female left
Paul Numan

Brazilian Singles Party

This events is for singles who are from Brazil or would like to meet singles from Brazil in Ireland.  The event is from the Katch app and provides a unique and private interaction with buck loads of fun.

How does the event work?

The events is hosted by one of the Katch Dating Crew and is focused on making interaction as simple and as fun as possible.  To take part simply download the Katch Dating App and click on this event.  

While inside the event the host meets and greets everyone, creating a fun encounter to reduce singles anxiety.  At no time during group interaction does anyone see you - although you can chat with the group and host at your convenience. 

When the host switches the singles mingle on, you will see a count down clock on the bottom of your screen with a picture of who you will be introduced to next.  Once complete you will be introduced to a lovely single via video call.  This call lasts up to 2 mins in duration, if you wish to exit earlier you can and if you wish to request longer you can.  After each call there is a short cool down period and then another count down to a video call with another single person starts.  This rotation continues until the host ends the singles mingle.

Who will be there and what can I achieve?

Balanced clientele of verified men and women;
Same age group;
Socialize with 5 to 10 people;
Clear, safe, and fun!

Need more information? Chat with us before you book.

You can call us at +353 53 9100700, email us at, or chat with us on Facebook.

Paul Numan


Paul, the visionary behind Katch, thrives on intellectual connections. His journey? From kickboxing champion to tech enthusiast. Now, he crafts late-night masterpieces—ideas that spark magic. Join Paul for an unforgettable event!


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